Lofting-in Birds July 2018



Lofting July 2018

Here are some of the birds enjoying their new found freedom. These have been outside a few times so we aren’t as nervous about losing some. This has been a very good year for lofting-in the birds.

Trap Training

Trap Training 2018.3



This group of birds are on the last step before going outside the loft. Here they are diving through the trap with all the bobs down. This picture was taken about a month ago.

2018 Race Birds Being Lofted

birds outside 2018.3

This picture was from about a month ago. This was one of the 1st times this group had been out. This is always a stressful time as many things can go wrong. Fortunately everything has gone very well lofting the birds in so far.

The Johnson Family

Jason, Jennifer, and Jordyn Johnson



Jason, Jennifer, and their daughter Jordyn, Dropped off 5 birds for our 2018 race series. They will be back soon with a few more. The Johnson’s fly under 2Jaysloft. They used to race their pigeons in Florida but relocated to North West Arkansas. We wish them luck!

Ecker/Murphy 2nd High Point Bird

Ecker Bird


This is Ecker/Murphy Syndicate’s AU 17 GSV 1238. This blue check cock won 2nd High Point Bird. Ecker/Murphy sent 6 birds to the final race. All 6 returned on the day from 325 miles. Four of the 6 were in the prizes with one bird being equal 1st.

The 1st Birds Home!

First Birds!

The first birds home! 4 birds arrived together but circled a few times. They landed on the loft roof and stared at the spectators. Last year the birds were unaffected by the people. They hesitated long enough to allow 3 more birds to arrive and they all went in together. Our goal was to have the race long enough so there wouldn’t be a big drop. If the first four birds had trapped quicker… that’s pigeon racing. The birds were really tired and gave it all they had. We sent half the birds we started with to the final race. We had half of those birds home on the day. I’d say that is a success. Thank you for sending your amazing birds!