100 Mile Race Spectators


100 Mile Race Spectators


We were happy to have spectators for our 100 mile race. Left to right is Christian Messina, his father Tony Messina, Chuck Kuehl who was last years 300 mile winner, Loretta and Bob Merritt.

Burt and Barbara Steward

Burt Steward



Burt and Barbara Steward drove over from Oklahoma City a few weeks back and brought their nice young birds for the 2017 race series. Burt has flown in the club in Oklahoma City in the past but not lately. Get back in there Burt!

Wayne Lowe & Nate Gentry


Wayne Lowe & Nate Gentry



Wayne Lowe and Nate Gentry brought their 2017 race entries today. Nate loves his black pigeons. In the 2016 race series his black pigeon was equal 1st on the 225 mile race. He’s hoping AU 17 VITA 3761 will be the big winner this year. We wish him luck.

RVR Race 2016

2016 1st to Trap 3002016 Highpoint BirdOn the left is Ron Gustafson, BOK Mountain Top Loft. Ron lives in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. He is holding his Highpoint winner, AU 16 ARPU 43093 Blue bar hen. This bird was Equal 1st at 150 miles, 225 miles, and 300 miles. She is out of Racing Pigeon Legend Bill Hill’s breeding.

On the right is Chuck Kuehl, Airshark Loft. Chuck lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He is holding the 1st bird thru the trap on the 300 mile race from Waco, Texas. This bird is AU 16 SHAR 066 Blue bar hen. She is out of Belgian sensation Ulrich Lemmens’ pigeons. The father came from Frank McLaughlin and the mother from Jim Gabler.

Final Race Pics

2016 RVR Final Race Spectators2016 Final RaceThese 3 banners show companies whose products we use and highly recomend. There are other good companies but these are 3 of the very best.

These are some of our spectators today. We have just returned from eating at our local Mexican restaurant and are watching the sky for birds. While waiting we had drawings for bags of Des Moines feed and 1 pack of nest felts. We gave away 1 bag of feed to Ron Gustafson for picking the time the 1st birds would arrive. He went on to win High Point bird also.

Birds! 7 on the 1st drop. This was a difficult day with strong left cross winds. Chuck Kuehl had the 1st bird through the trap followed by Jim Fox, Julio Medina, M V, Mayfield/David/Cassidy, B O K Mountain Top, and C & R Loft of OK. Congratulations to all these birds. Everyone agreed they performed spectacularly. Today was so much fun. I wish it could have lasted longer.