Final Race Pics

2016 RVR Final Race Spectators2016 Final RaceThese 3 banners show companies whose products we use and highly recomend. There are other good companies but these are 3 of the very best.

These are some of our spectators today. We have just returned from eating at our local Mexican restaurant and are watching the sky for birds. While waiting we had drawings for bags of Des Moines feed and 1 pack of nest felts. We gave away 1 bag of feed to Ron Gustafson for picking the time the 1st birds would arrive. He went on to win High Point bird also.

Birds! 7 on the 1st drop. This was a difficult day with strong left cross winds. Chuck Kuehl had the 1st bird through the trap followed by Jim Fox, Julio Medina, M V, Mayfield/David/Cassidy, B O K Mountain Top, and C & R Loft of OK. Congratulations to all these birds. Everyone agreed they performed spectacularly. Today was so much fun. I wish it could have lasted longer.

Hutchins Texas Release


hutchins-tx-release-2016Here are the birds being watered prior to release at Hutchins, Texas Saturday morning. This location is right across the street from the Dollar General on Main Street. It’s a great spot and we plan to continue using it in the future.


Loft Floors



About 2 weeks ago we put down plywood over the wire floors and covered with ground corn cob. This keeps the cold winds out and makes it much more pleasant for the birds. Soon we will cover the dowelled doors with plastic. This will allow light in but eliminate cold breezes. The birds seem happy and comfortable with this set up.

Race Birds Health








We took this pic before we scraped the perches. As you can see the droppings are pea sized and bone dry with a little down. Without even seeing the 1 Loft birds you can suspect they are in excellent health.

2016 Race Bird Feed


This is the feed we are giving the birds today. It is a rich mix from Des Moines Feed Company. At this time the feed is mostly High Energy Mix (a strong feed) with added safflower seed, pellets, and paddy rice to lighten it a little. To this we added Herbots 4 oils and BMT Powder from Siegel’s Pigeon Supplies. I love these 2 products and have used them for years. Rich food with lots of energy!