They’re Off!


Troy Release



The birds have just been released and are on their way home. It’s a great day for racing pigeons.

1st Through the Trap From 225 Miles

1st 225 Mile Race

This is AU 17 CENL 7142. This bird belongs to Marvin Carter from Louisiana. 7142 was 1st through the trap from 225 miles flying 1296 ypm. There were 17 birds on the 1st drop. Marvin had another bird in the 1st drop also. Congratulations Marvin and 7142!

100 Mile Race Spectators


100 Mile Race Spectators


We were happy to have spectators for our 100 mile race. Left to right is Christian Messina, his father Tony Messina, Chuck Kuehl who was last years 300 mile winner, Loretta and Bob Merritt.