Rocket Fuel for Racing Pigeons




Here is a picture of the feed we are giving the race birds. It is a high energy mix we put together with the feed we get from Des Moines Feed Company. If you want a great feed that is extremely clean and mixed from super high quality grains, then give them a call (800-798-8265). You can have the feed delivered to your address or to a trucking company near you. The shipping price is the same for 1 bag or a full pallet. We always fill a pallet to get the cheapest price. If you have any questions about feeds, seeds, or grains, ask for Stan. In the picture we added safflower and red dent corn to the special mix we put together. Before we gave this to the birds today we added Herbots 4 Oils & Herbots BMT powder from Siegel’s Pigeon Supplies (800-437-4436). Energy, energy energy. The birds go crazy for it!